5 tips to take care of your skin naturally

5 tips to take care of your skin naturally
Sun, cold, pollution, stress, fatigue … Our skin must be preserved in the face of external aggressions and the rhythm of our daily life. Alessandra Moro Buronzo, psychologist and naturopath, author of the book Une belle peau au naturel! , gives us five tips, 100% natural, that respect and protect our skin gently.

Morning and evening, I clean the impurities of my skin
The epidermis of the face is constantly in contact with the outside. Regularly exposed to dust and smothered behind makeup, sweat and dead skin that accumulates, it must be cleaned daily. To do this, it is better to use products that respect the type of skin (oily, mixed, dry, mature …).

But one thing is certain: the face wash must be done gently because it is an ultra sensitive area. It must preserve its protective hydrolipidic film and maintain its role as a skin barrier.

Alessandra Moro Buronzo’s tip: In the morning, clean your skin with delicate, circular movements with your fingers on the face. Choose products and soaps that respect the PH of the skin. Then rinse with cold or lukewarm water.

In the evening, clean the skin after removing all makeup with a vegetable oil, a hydrosol or a preferably biological make-up remover.

I have the reflex to hydrate me
The first action to take, after cleansing, is hydration. A face oil with anti-aging properties is the beauty of our skin. It allows you to smooth and retension while nourishing deeply.

Alessandra Moro Buronzo’s advice: Massage the epidermis until the oil penetrates, so as not to leave a greasy film. Alternatively, use a toning lotion that will allow the skin to be purified, toned and hydrated. It is a good complement for cleaning and make-up removal.

The body and the whole body also need to be hydrated. Drinking 1.5 liters of water a day is essential for the beauty of the skin. Favor the weakly mineralized waters, spring waters in general not to clog the kidneys.

Alessandra Moro Buronzo’s advice: Think also about infusions and green teas that are good for the body because they are full of antioxidants. A well hydrated skin allows easier removal of impurities and toxins from the body and will come out clearer.

I protect my skin
Enemy number 1: the sun. If the human body needs it, for its well-being but also to fill up with vitamins, too prolonged and intense exposure to its rays can lead to sunburns or even deeper lesions. It is important to choose a sunscreen of an index adapted to the type of its skin and to renew the application regularly. Also stay in the shade when the sun is hitting the strongest, that is to say from noon to 16h. But the sun’s rays are not confined to holidays. It is therefore better to use protective skincare and moisturizing creams (with SPF) every day, even in the city on a cloudy day!

Alessandra Moro Buronzo’s advice: Enjoying the sun is absolutely essential for our health, but in moderate amounts. To preserve the health of our epidermis, good protection (clothing, shade, non-prolonged exposure, progressive exposure) is required.

Another enemy: the cold. The skin, exposed without protection, becomes particularly sensitive. It dries, pulls, blushes and pecks especially at the ends. It can also react with rosacea (small vessels visible on the face) or scabs, frostbite or crevices.