Seasonal Depression Ways to Prevent It Without Medication

What is seasonal depression?
Seasonal depression is also called a seasonal affective disorder. It is related to a disturbance of your internal clock often caused by lack of light and sun. From the beginning of autumn, when daylight drops, some people experience the first signs of seasonal depression. In the body, the lack of light (and sun!) Is responsible for the decline in the production of serotonin, an important neurotransmitter that manages your moods and your awakening. This lack also influences your melatonin production which also affects your
moods and your sleep. That’s why seasonal changes can disrupt your mood and even your energy level. Usually, the symptoms subside with the increase of light

Symptoms of seasonal depression
Before coming up with ideas to prevent, avoid and treat seasonal depression, here are some symptoms related to this condition listed by the Montreal Mental Health University Institute.

difficulty concentrating
weight gain;
increased need for sleep
feeling of heavy legs;
feeling depressed higher in fall / winter;
lack of energy.

Read on to discover our 9 tips that help prevent seasonal depression, treat it, or at least decrease the intensity of symptoms.

Light therapy
Install a light therapy lamp – sold in pharmacies, in supermarkets or even online – to give your body a light. Make a habit of exposing yourself to the light projected by your lamp for 30 to 45 minutes a day (it all depends on the intensity of the rays of
your lamp! Read the instructions, this is the key!). Bring your lamp to the office and start your day with a light therapy session while working. Start as early as September even if you do not feel a mood disorder. An idea … brilliant!

Go out and play sports
Even if the weather is not as good as during the summer, do not lose your good habits. Go outside every day. Play sports or simply take a walk outside. Natural light is even more beneficial for you than your light therapy lamp.

Physical activity remains a way to prevent and mitigate the side effects associated with depressive moods. If possible, go outside to play sports. Renew with the ski, the skate
Discover You can also have fun with your children by going for a walk or doing a snow construction. Indoor sport also has its advantages. Try to vary the ways you take care of your body.

Take care of yourself
Before you sink, set up various ways to take care of yourself. Do not let seasonal changes take control of your moods. In addition to the means that act on your body, it is necessary to take care of yourself. Be indulgent towards you. If you know that the lack of light influences your mood, make sure you give yourself time to do activities that you like. These moments of pleasure will help you to overcome your mood disorders.