Prevent and cure asthm 12 Natural Remedies

12 natural remedies for asthma
Mother Nature has an arsenal of remedies that can be very helpful in controlling asthma and relieving symptoms. Some of them like garlic, onion, ginger, lemon or honey are within reach of your cupboard. Look at the list and always have it at hand.

  1. Onion, honey and lemon for asthma

The onion with its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, the lemon with its detoxifying properties and the honey with its antiseptic and antibiotic properties, make the combination of these three foods a good ally to strengthen the immune system and treat respiratory diseases.

In a pan, cook a few minutes sliced ​​onion, squeeze two lemons and cover with honey. As the days go by, a syrup is produced, from which you must consume three teaspoons every day.

  1. Coffee

Coffee is a bronchodilator and caffeine can temporarily reduce your symptoms. Directions:
Drinking two cups of coffee a day can help prevent asthma symptoms.

For people who suffer from heart problems and blood pressure can be dangerous. They can only take adults.

  1. Ginger

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and a great natural product to treat respiratory problems. Drinking ginger tea makes it a good remedy to treat asthma.

Cut a ginger root into pieces and add it in boiling water. After a few minutes, let it settle, strain and you will have a good tea to help treat this problem.

  1. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus helps improve breathing while having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Add a handful of eucalyptus leaves in a liter of water, bring to a boil and watch not to burn and covering the head with a cloth, vacuum their vapors. This remedy helps to calm the symptoms and clear the pulmonary routes.

  1. Lemon juice

Drinking lemon juice helps prevent mucus from accumulating in the bronchi, improves breathing and cleanses the respiratory system of bacteria and germs that could hinder the passage of air.

  1. Carrot juice

In addition to decreasing the use of inhalers, we advise you to drink carrot juice, if you want to cure asthma attacks naturally.

1/2 lemon.
3 carrots
1 orange
Water, quantity needed.

Preferably, use a juicer to make it. Another option would be the use of a blender.
Squeeze the lemon and orange to obtain the juice.
Try it with the carrots to obtain a homogeneous juice.
Add water if you want to dilute more or if it is too thick.
Take each time an asthma attack occurs.

  1. Horseradish juice

2 whole radishes
2 lemons
1 teaspoon of honey
Half glass with water

Wash and cut into radishes squares. Place in the blender. Add the juice extracted from the lemons and water. Blend, strain and add honey. Take this preparation once a day

  1. Basil juice

1 liter of water
1 bunch of fresh basil

Boil the basil in the water over low heat for 5 minutes. After that time, remove from heat and let stand 10 minutes. Strain and serve, if desired can be sweetened with honey. Drink throughout the day.

  1. Oregano tea

Consuming oregano tea on a regular basis can help cure coughs, colds, infections, chronic asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, sinusitis and many other ailments. To prepare a rich cup of tea you need:

2-3 cups of water
4-6 tablespoons of dried oregano
A slice of lemon
Organic raw honey (optional)

Put a small saucepan with water to boil and remove from the fire when it boils. Then add the leaves of oregano and let it inficione for a few minutes. Then remove the leaves with the help of a sieve and add lemon and honey to taste. Take three hot cups of this tea a day to get maximum results.

  1. Anise seeds for asthma.

Place 1 tablespoon of anise seeds in a cup with water that is boiling. Cover with a plate, do not use paper napkins as these could accumulate impurities. Leave warm (up to 35.5 ° C) and strain. Drink one or two rates during crises.

  1. Sunflower seeds against asthma

Boil two liters of water with two glasses of sunflower seeds until the liquid is reduced by half. Strain and mix with honey. Return to boil until the mixture softens and store in an airtight jar in a dark and dry place.

  1. Aloe

Boil some aloe leaves in a pan of water, and inhale the vapors that come off. To make the most of the steam, place a towel over your head, avoid the free air or conditioning after practicing this infusion.