What does it mean to be healthy

Or how to stay healthy.

 Health is a physical and mental condition as well as social and not just the absence of disease or infirmity. The definition has not changed since 1948.
Talking about health does not mean walking on your hands. Nor is it a craze for avocado-based diets, and health is certainly not about abdominal competition. Being healthy means more than fighting a disease and making a catalog of symptoms. It’s about how we live, think and feel. Negative thoughts and stress directly affect our body and have proven their role in the development of a disease, while optimism can help heal. So consider the body and the mind as an inseparable whole in the quest for optimal health.
The way we move is directly related to our well-being. What we feel affects our thinking and our way of thinking affects our physical state.

So put on your sneakers and get moving. It’s not about beating the pavement but knowingly connecting with your body and finding the strength within you through movement. Your body is the instrument that allows you to experience life, so the better your fitness and the more exciting your life experience will be. Exercise seems to be the panacea for physical and emotional well-being, and outdoor sport is the ultimate health care.
Even if it’s just a breath of fresh air, your mind will be grateful. You pamper your car, you used to go to the hairdressing, would not it be time to take a little care of you too?

Health concerns us all. We are not always aware of its fragility. Money can not buy it and your age will not protect you. We encourage you to be attentive this month, mindful of your usual pattern of thoughts and how to make them more positive. Attentive to your level of stress and what can help you reduce it. Attentive to your diet, take care to balance and enjoy a healthy diet knowingly, and especially to be aware of the well-being that a little exercise gives you.

Finding balance during the holidays – a tip for partying while staying healthy
The end-of-year celebrations do not encourage us to maintain the usual level of exercise and it is easy to succumb to the temptation of relaxation. The cold accentuates even more the fall of our motivation to move. Do not feel guilty when you drink with your friends, your guilt and your negative thoughts will do more harm to your general health than a glass of sparkling. Try to find a balance between your festive outings and outdoor sports. Join Emma and Lottie for their upcoming intensive courses at Mountain Air, or join them for the 12 days of Christmas challenge