My cancer and its 2 lessons

Ten years after my two tongue and neck operations, my cancer is still an important part of my life. This disease has helped make me the person I am today. The five teachings made me aware of the chance to live, the importance of looking after your health, listening more, opening your heart and enjoying the moment.
One morning in February 2008, like every morning of my life, I get up and head for the bathroom. Facing the ice, a head still marked by the night and the sheets of the bed, I pull my tongue out. I was far from imagining that this innocent gesture would change the course of my life. You will tell me, life is so made: the little things have in the end a strong impact on us, if we pay attention to them. And conversely …
I notice a small lesion of just 1 centimeter on the left lateral edge of my tongue. Probably a bite of my own language. No wonder when we cringe like me during the night … Watching with one eye this strange lesion, I still decided to make an appointment with my doctor. At the consultation, Dr. Nguyen prefers by happy prudence to have another medical opinion and refers me to a stomatologist. Dr. Gross participates in suturing the tongue.
Rachida and I go to spend a few days in love in Barcelona, ​​a beautiful city, sunny and so colorful. Returning exotic, the news falls on me like a hammer on an anvil. The biopsy analyzes reveal a malignant tumor infiltration, a well-differentiated and mature squamous cell carcinoma. In other words, a cancer of the tongue!
Faced with the brutal announcement of the doctor, the time stopped abruptly, a storm began to rage in my brain. Why? To “I’m not going to die at 32! Going through “the fight starts now” and “quickly take that shit out of my tongue!” “. In short, I pass you the details of the multitude of internal questions.
Stage 1, no chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Treatment consists in removing a part of the tongue. Pill still difficult to swallow. I who had the tongue well hung, that will teach me to close a little more … Then according to the invasion of the ganglia, the surgeon of the Institut Gustave Roussy will proceed to the recess of the ganglionnaire chain (photo below) ). Micro-metastases were found in the ganglia in the neck because even if the tumor was early, it was invasive.
Both operations and convalescence went terribly well in this event, as coldly anticipated by Dr. Temam. Today, I can even say that this cancer has been a great opportunity to grow up and rise to a better version of myself. I want as evidence the 5 main lessons I get almost 10 years after.

1) Health, our most precious asset
Often, all too often, we really become aware of it when we are directly confronted with the disease (a loved one, ourselves). We are very few without it. It is the sine qua non for us to enjoy life to the fullest. In his vertiginous desire to live, a human being deprived of his physical and / or mental integrity, finds himself unhappy, diminished, disarmed.

Faced with the excesses of agriculture and agro-industry (use of pesticides, animal abuse, ultra food processing first, productivist policy / quality), it is important to communicate on the scientific truths that lay the foundations of our health , namely a healthy diet, regular physical activity and the practice of well-being.

 2) Take care of your family and your loved ones
As a social being, we all need to be surrounded on the path of life. Caring for family, friends and family is important to share the joys and sorrows of life, to exchange and feel loved in the tumult of events. Love, that cardiac vibration that drives us, dictates the deep meaning of our actions for us, others, the world.

Cancer has made me aware of the importance of health, the importance of taking care of it, of being more attentive to one’s body and its signals, and of caring for those of my loved ones. , family and friends. At the origin of our investment, Rachida and I in the adventure of the blog, we want to help the people sensitized to preserve their health and thus enjoy fully and long life through our knowledge, our readings, our experiences .

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