How can I catch it this winter?

Everyone is in contact every winter with the Influenza virus that causes the flu. Contagious, its transmission is effected by the droplets of saliva suspended in the air, or present on the hands, the door handles, the subway bars … So how to avoid catching the flu this winter?
Anyone can get infected with the flu virus. Even in good health, contamination can be favored by fatigue, stress, deficiencies, pollution or imprudences, such as non-compliance with hygiene precautions. The latter are therefore essential during an epidemic. Hand washing must become a reflex every moment: before preparing the meal, eating, after blowing or after each outing. himself
to cover the nose and mouth in case of coughing or sneezing, using single-use tissues are other barrier actions that can limit the spread of viruses.
The homeopath’s council
To prevent the flu, “Influenzinum is a homeopathic strain that acts as a specific immunostimulant against the virus,” says Dr. Éric de Boysson, ENT and author of Everything to cure the ills of winter. One dose, twice a month during the winter months.
In immediate prevention, if you have been in contact with a person with flu, one can add Oscillococcinum®, the homeopathic treatment of flu-like conditions. One dose, three times a day.
The advice of the aromatherapist
To boost our immunity during an epidemic, whether to take the metro, get to the hospital or the supermarket, Julien Kaibeck, aromatologist specializing in essential oils, suggests rubbing your wrists with a mixture of pure essential oils (Aromaforce natural defenses solution from Pranarôm, for example). “We put 1 drop (no more) on each wrist that rubs against each other, then we bring the hands to the nose to inhale the essential oils.Be careful not to exceed 4 drops per day!
Do not forget the flu vaccine
The flu shot protects against four strains of the virus. It is strongly recommended for people over 65, those who suffer from chronic diseases, pregnant women as well as obese people (whose BMI is greater than or equal to 40).
Getting vaccinated at the beginning of winter is also a way to prevent the spread of the epidemic.
The vaccine has been available since October and the vaccination campaign will run until 31 January. However, “the vaccine takes about 15 days to be effective,” warns Dr. Eric de Boysson, so it’s better to do it before the peak of the epidemic, for more efficiency.