Dishes and as much homemade stuff that soothes when you’re sick

If you have a headache, go for a Moroccan lentil soup
What to eat to relieve blockage: a Moroccan lentil soup stuffed with spices such as turmeric and cinnamon. “This dish contains no triggers for headaches, such as dairy products, cold cuts, nuts or chocolate. And as a bonus, not even need to chew – which could make your headache worse, “says Cynthia Sass, author of Slim Down Now: Shed Pounds and Inches With Pulses – The New Superfood.

This soup will also give you a good dose of protein, anti-inflammatory spices and magnesium – which helps to relax the blood vessels and soothe the headache.

Discover over the next pages other dishes and home tricks that will relieve you if you’re sick.

When you feel pressure in the sinuses, rush to the spices
What to eat: all that is spicy – the fire of a hot pepper can help fight any inflammation of the sinuses, according to research from the University of Cincinnati Health Center.

f you have a sore throat, try the vegetable soup
What to eat: Soup made from lean broth (whether vegetable-based or chicken-based), garlic, herbs and vegetables. And drink green tea with honey. The two hot liquids will help drain congestion, says Cynthia Sass.

“Garlic fights inflammation and strengthens the immune system,” she continues. Vegetables provide some nutrients for healing and honey is known to soothe the pain of sore throats.

Foods to eat when nauseated
What to eat: bananas, steamed rice, applesauce or a ginger herbal tea, suggests Cynthia Sass. Each of these foods is easy to preserve and tends to relieve the digestive system. Choose a sachet of herbal tea containing real ginger or, better yet, brew a piece of it in hot water.

A study from the University of Rochester found that a minimal amount of ginger – as little as 1 ml (1/4 teaspoon) – could reduce nausea by 40 percent in nauseated patients undergoing chemotherapy. If these nauseas are related to pregnancy, consuming ginger may lead to complications. Make sure you

What to eat when you feel tired
What to eat: there is no dish that suits all kinds of fatigue. However, a good green salad topped with pieces of vegetables and accompanied by grilled salmon will give you a boost while allowing you to stock up on vitamins, minerals and omega-3, all likely to give you some energy. Make sure you drink a lot, since dehydration is often enough to drain you of all energy, says nutritionist Emily Littlefield, founder of Emily’s Powerfoods Living.

If your fatigue is due to lack of sleep, avoid caffeine. “It may seem counterintuitive, but the temporary relief you get from coffee or energy drinks will give you energy that is as brief as it is slow, usually followed by an even stronger feeling of fatigue and sleep problems. which only perpetuates the cycle, “concludes Cynthia Sass.

Drink herbal tea when you have menstrual pain
What to drink: a teapot full of hot ginger herbal tea with honey and lemon. “The soothing and soothing effect of ginger root on stomach pain has been known for centuries,” recalls Emily Littlefield. A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed that ginger was as effective at relieving menstrual pain as ibuprofen.

In addition, good hydration will help relieve tension in certain muscles responsible for menstrual cramps.

When you are constipated, opt for oatmeal, fruit and lemon water
What to eat: Oatmeal with high fiber fruit and hot lemon water. The goal here is to get your stool to move. “Oatmeal and fruit fibers soften the stool and the drink stimulates the contraction of your digestive muscles so that they can flush out waste,” says Cynthia Sass.