A test to diagnose cancer with breath

British researchers are currently testing a new method for diagnosing cancer by breathing, which can indicate the presence of tumor cells. They hope to improve screening and early detection of disease. But how is this possible? Decryption.
At a time when cancer kills nearly nine million people every year worldwide, it is imperative to detect the disease as soon as possible to begin treatment quickly and thus improve the chances of survival. It is in this logic that the approach of British scientists, who are developing a new screening method consisting in detecting a cancer by the breath, is written.
This technique, currently being tested on 1,500 patients at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, England, would make it easier to spot the disease, even though it is still asymptomatic: “In many cases, we simply do not have good tests to detect cancers at an early stage because there are no symptoms, “says the Daily Mail Dr. David Crosby, working at the British cancer research center at the initiative of this project.

Ten minutes of expiration to detect cancer
The principle is simple: for ten minutes, the patient must blow into a device that can detect the presence of cancer cells. Indeed, cancer cells release into the blood special molecules, called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be found in the lungs and therefore in the breath. Once the exhaled air has been collected, the sample is sent to a laboratory that analyzes it.

With this test, scientists also hope to know if these chemical markers differ according to the type of cancer, thus allowing to better recognize them. The trial first focuses on patients who may be suffering from cancer of the stomach or esophageal cancer, then will be spread to prostate, kidney, bladder, liver cancers. and pancreas.
A complementary method for a perfect diagnosis