How to breathe when running tips tricks and technique

Surely you have asked yourself that question on occasion, either because you do not finish being comfortable in your workouts, you feel that you lack oxygen or because you think you are doing it wrong and there could be another method. We are going to review the running breathing technique and the different inhalation and exhalation frequencies .

Breathing through the nose or through the mouth?
To run, the ideal is to always breathe through the mouth , at least mainly. When we run, the oxygen required by our muscles is much higher, so breathing through the mouth is more effective and faster, since the flow of oxygen is greater in this way. However, if you still need more oxygen, you can always incorporate breathing through the nose , thus helping to increase the total amount of oxygen.

Frequency and types of breathing when running
The rhythm of your breathing will always depend on how hard or easy the rhythm you are running. With breathing rhythm we refer to the frequency of inhalations and exhalations taking into account the number of steps taken. For example, a 2: 2 frequency means two strides (right foot and left foot) while breathing, and two more strides while exhaling.

How to breathe when running in soft and easy workouts
Normally, the most frequent breathing frequency in easy and quiet outings is the 3: 3 rhythm , that is, three steps for each phase of breathing. At that speed of breathing and effort, the 3: 3 frequency is more than enough to enter and process the amount of oxygen in the body.

On average, runners take about 180 steps per minute , some more, others less, although that is the recommended amount. That means that, at a 3: 3 frequency, 30 breaths per minute are given at a gentle pace.

However, even if it’s a day of running at an easy pace, if you do not feel comfortable with that frequency, the best thing is for the varĂ­es, for example at 2: 2. Remember that in the end, the purpose of soft workouts is to be comfortable, assimilate the kilometers and help the body recover from more intense efforts .

Breathing at moderate rhythms – high
If you are wondering how to breathe when running at higher rates than in an easy workout, but less intense than in a race, your answer is still the frequency 2: 2 (two strides inspire, two strides exhale).

That frequency should be enough to provide the necessary oxygen to our muscles , since it would be about 45 full breaths per minute (taking into account the cadence of 180 steps).

Breathing during a race and hard workouts
In the most intense races and workouts , we usually have a higher and live rhythm, so the breathing must also adapt to it. With practice, the 2: 2 frequency can also adapt to these circumstances, but in the final stretch of a race it is normal to increase the breathing rate, either by nerves or exhaustion.

Therefore, it can be varied to a 1: 2 breath (one step to inhale, two to exhale) or 2: 1 (to the contrary). In this way, with a cadence of 180 steps, it is possible to increase the oxygen supply up to 60 breaths per minute.

As with everything, these are just some tips on how to breathe when running, but it is necessary to put them into practice in training and always the last decision is yours, runners. You must choose that breath with which you feel most comfortable.