Diabetes The Best Recipes For Diabetics

A tasty salad recipe for diabetics
To better control blood sugar levels, eat plenty of vegetables at each main meal. In addition, limit fat to those that are beneficial to heart health, such as olive oil in the vinaigrette of this delicious salad.

A cottage cheese recipe with cereals and herbs for diabetics
Cottage cheese is very light and goes well with chives and parsley. Serve this delight with a little lettuce and carrot sticks.

A spring chicken recipe for diabetics
The chicken has a low fat and cholesterol content. It is therefore healthier than most pieces of meat. In this recipe, it is dressed in a succulent marinade with soy sauce and is accompanied by slices of potato.

A recipe for lentil salad and carrots for diabetics
Very light, the lens contains almost no fat, but still ensures you satiate. In this recipe, the colorful vegetables add crispness to this exquisite salad while the olive oil gives it good fats.

A roasted salmon recipe with squash and quinoa ideal for diabetics
This delicious feta cheese and grilled almond salmon served on tricolor quinoa is rich in protein thanks to fish and edamame beans. In addition, salmon and almonds being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this dish is ideal for diabetics. Several scientific studies have shown that people with higher blood levels of omega-3 have fewer problems related to inflammation exacerbating diabetes.

A honey and almond muesli breakfast for diabetics
Since vegetable milk milks would help control and slow the rise in blood sugar levels, this healthy dried fruit muesli made from almond milk is a breakfast of choice for diabetics.

A recipe of avocado salad, shrimp and tomatoes for diabetics
Enjoy this refreshing salad wrapped in an incredible creamy lime and coriander sauce. Thanks to the high fiber and good fat content of avocado, this meal could help you better control your blood sugar.

A tangy barley pilaf recipe with vegetables and chicken perfect for diabetics
Pearl barley, thanks to its texture and its original scent, is a wonderful substitute for rice. In addition, according to a study from Lund University in Sweden, barley increases insulin sensitivity. Its fibers would also help better control blood sugar levels.

A recipe for raw oatmeal with coconut and ginger for diabetics
Diabetics will enjoy the benefits of whole oats in this lunch. With a low glycemic index and a high fiber and magnesium content, oats help stabilize blood sugar levels. In addition, this delicious breakfast contains ginger which is beneficial for people with diabetes.

A recipe of walnut trout fillets for diabetics
These grilled trout fillets enhanced by fresh herbs, scented vinegar and a hint of paprika will make you enjoy walnuts. These nuts are low in carbohydrates and have a high fiber and protein content. They also have alpha linolenic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid, which would reduce inflammation.

A coral lentil recipe with vegetables
Lentils are an ingredient of choice for diabetics. Their low glycemic index and fiber content would help to better control blood sugar levels. In this low-fat lentil dhal, various vegetables provide flavors, vitamins and antioxidants.

A tofu sweet potato curry recipe for diabetics
This vegetarian curry contains sweet potatoes rich in beta-carotene. Their glycemic index is lower than other types of potatoes. In addition, tofu, low in calories and high protein, slips nicely into the menu of diabetics.

A recipe for spinach and chickpea salad for diabetics
Did you know that chickpeas help slow the absorption of glucose in the blood? This is due to their high protein and fiber content. This crisp spinach salad with feta cheese and apple slices is perfect for diabetics.