Connecting with yourself is important, is essential and essential. But this time I also want you to get closer to your feminine and more forgotten part.


Yes, more forgotten. Because we live entrenched in our masculine side and from there we try to feel ourselves and of course, the only thing we get is to feel frustrated, lost confused …

We can not be ourselves if we forget , relegate, abandon or reject our feminine energy.

And with that I do not mean the aesthetic part much less, nor confusing qualities or concepts that have been attributed to the term “feminine”. No, it’s something much deeper, that has nothing to do with roles or stereotypes.

Shakti and Shiva

We are really when we are in balance.

When you unite the masculine and the feminine. Because we are everything. We are Yin and Yang. We are Luna and Sol. We are Night and Day. We are Shakti and Shiva.

The masculine energy (Shiva) is the mental energy, the rational, the rigid, the immobile, the duty, the obligations, the competition, reaching everything, doing better, and doing more …. I know you know her very well. And it’s great, but in fair measure.

But … And the feminine one? Do you know her so well?

A few years ago I realized that no, I had totally abandoned my feminine side. And of course, I felt that I was missing something, that I was lost, in a place that did not correspond to me, strange …

So I started connecting with my Shakti, the feminine energy. The energy of intuition, of flow, of play, care, cooperation, creativity, communication, inspiration … 

And both are necessary, but balanced.

So today I want to talk to you about other activities that help you maintain contact with your feminine energy.

 1.  Walk or take a walk

And with this I do not mean that you go for the bread or that you go shopping, it means that you choose a route that you like, that gives you a good vibe that makes you feel good or just starts walking …. Personally I prefer to go to the countryside and is in contact with nature, but I also like to walk around the city from time to time.

Walking can be super relaxing. But not with that frantic step of “I do not get there”. DO NOT.

Walking means that your main activity is that, there is no goal, there is no end to reach. Simply let yourself go, connect your steps well to the earth (which is pure feminine energy), observe everything as if you had never seen it, observe what reactions it produces, connect with the smells and sounds, feel the air or the sun in the face … Connect with everything.

And you do not need to do 50km, but I encourage you to occasionally walk for the pleasure of feeling the earth under your feet.

2. Write

About what? Well, about what you want. It can be something that has happened to you in the day, a dream that you have had, a memory that has come to you suddenly, a letter to your “I” of the future ….

Whatever is. Writing is a wonderful tool to connect with oneself.

It’s super interesting and revealing, suddenly you find yourself writing things you barely remember, or you realize that your dreams have a lot to tell you. The fact is that writing has always been a fantastic method to connect with the interior.

What is important is that you write, it does not matter what, it does not matter how … Do not worry if it makes sense, or if it is well written or nothing … just let the words flow through the paper and release what you have to let go

I’m writing a lot lately, among other things because I like it since I was little and also because in several courses I’m doing writing is fundamental and it’s helping me connect a lot.

In fact in several of my post I have encouraged you to write. Well today I do too.

3. Listen to your favorite song or music

Or the music that you like but letting it completely permeate you, observing the nuances, observing what makes you feel, whether it is joy, tranquility, anguish … What memories it brings you, what person or people come to your mind …

Or do nothing but listen and enjoy each of the notes.

I leave this that I love Ludovico Enaudi that also sounded while writing this and I love it.

4. Cooking

But cooking, cooking … Do not make food or dinner, although it is obvious that what you cook you go to eat. I mean that you cook something for the pleasure of cooking , something that you like a lot or something that a person you like and want to do likes.

Better if it’s a quiet moment, that you have enough time, that you can be comfortable in the kitchen.

And do it as a ritual. Place everything you need, ingredients, utensils, put a music you like … And the mess!

Cut, peel, smell, taste, mix, touch, listen … Each of the ingredients.

Feel how you cook, put emotion, put love to that rich food that you are preparing.